• the difference between R600A and R134A refrigerant

    There are many different refrigerant products on the market, and the characteristics of each different type of refrigerant are also different. Today introduce the difference between refrigerant R600 and R134: R600a refrigerant is the medium used to complete refrigeration in the refrigerato...
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  • How do people with different constitutions drink water

    Water is the source of life and vital to the body's metabolism. The human body needs about 1000~2000 milliliters of water a day. They say you need eight glasses of water a day, but is drinking more water good for everyone? In fact, everyone's demand for water and metabol...
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  • Healthy drinking water, healthy life

    Water is the source of life for all things. The world calls on us to save water in order to provide water for those places that lack water, so that those who can’t drink water on weekdays can drink water, because drinking water is too important to people’s health. So how do we drink w...
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  • Is drinking water as pure as possible?

    Many people believe that the purer the water, the healthier it will be. Some even drink “ultrapure water” from the lab. In fact, this point of view is unscientific, our water sources are mostly tap water or groundwater, water in addition to dust, silt, there are ions, colloid, bacteri...
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  • Water and Health

    Water and Health

    Water is the source of life, the earliest life on earth was born in water,The proportion of water in adult tissues is about 70%,the proportion of water in middle-aged tissues is about 60%,and the proportion of water in elderly tiss...
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  • How to buy a home water dispenser

    We can't live without drinking water every day and in many places there is a theory that people should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Modern people are also particularly concerned about the quality of drinking water, and the use of water dispensers can rela...
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  • Cleaning methods for domestic drinking fountains

    Home drinking fountains are household machines and equipment that purify water to meet the three standards of straight drinking water. Through multi-stage purification, the inclusion of high-tech components, so that the water small molecules, weak alkaline, so that the t...
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  • How to choose a home water dispenser

    Water dispensers are now a common household appliance for many people at home, after all, everyone wants to be able to drink cold or hot water at home more healthily and conveniently. But to buy a water dispenser, may usually in the company is often used, really to the t...
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  • Realize the constant temperature of hot water and cold water

    Realize the constant temperature of hot water and cold water, improve the output capacity of hot water and cold water, prolong the service life of the water machine. The design of 3 thermostats can prevent dry burning and increase the safety performance of the water machine. At the same time, the...
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