• Sweat gathers you and me, innovation casts tomorrow

    Healthy drinking water refers to many aspects, the quality of water, how much to drink every day is healthy. Thirst is a sign of a slight loss of water in the body. The average daily water consumption of normal people is 2000-2500 ml, and the oxidation of substances in the body can produce 300 ml...
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  • Healthy Drinking Water

    Clean drinking water is the foundation of people’s healthy life. Healthy drinking water can keep us healthy, so that the body can develop harmoniously. Nowadays, the phenomenon of disease and longevity, bacteria, longevity and heavy metal saturation has brought great health threat to people...
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  • Warmly welcome the leaders of Handan, Hebei Province to visit our company

    Warmly welcome the leaders of Handan, Hebei Province to visit our company

    At 13:00 on February 28th, 2023, several leaders, including the director of Fuxing District Government Business Bureau of Handan City, Hebei Province, visited our company in person. The leaders first came to the sample room to understand the development process, management system and future devel...
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  • Warmly welcome foreign enterprises to visit our company for site inspection

    ELECTROTEMP TECHNOLOGIES INC. is specialized in producing water dispensers, supplying OEM branded products to SHARP and licensed to use Whirlpool brand for sales in USA and Canada. Quality and construction of cooler offered to you are the same as Sharp and Whirlpool branded water coolers. Our mac...
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  • How can we tell if there is a lack of water inside the body?

    We can observe saliva and urine, which are very important for the health of the body. If the inside of your mouth is very sticky, it means you need to be hydrated. Urine should be a very light tea-yellow color, if the color is very strong or close to the color of pu-erh tea, it means that the bod...
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  • Drink well Body well

    Here is Electrotemp Technologies Inc. China, which is a professional water cooler manufacturer.We have lots of new design and classical products, I would like to share with you.Our products are always hot sale, because we are specialized. High quality is our eternal goal, and customers’ fee...
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  • Good luck with ELECTROTEMP TECHNOLOGIES CHINA INC. throughout the new year.

    With the New Year’s bell ringing, the wheel of history into the Year of the rabbit! The New Year’s holiday, bring us a rare relaxation, bring relatives field together, also bring us to friends and relatives of the real car blessing, Yuan drunk, aftertaste. After a happy and peaceful S...
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  • Drink well to have a healthy body

    Although the molecular structure of water is very simple, just two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule H2O, but has a great impact on health. The importance of water is evident in the fact that the human body is about 70 percent water and the brain is 85 percent water. Traditional Chinese medicine e...
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  • How to develop scientific drinking habits.

    We all know that more than 70% of the human body is composed of water. Once the water is not enough, different conditions will occur. In mild cases, the skin is dry and bowel movements are not smooth. In severe cases, insufficient saliva production leads to bad breath, increased blood viscosity l...
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